Chipper Cash / Mobile Money / Card Payments Accepted

R150 Per Week or R300 Per Month

How to Pay

Chipper Cash Username: @Betgurus
Name: Chinonso Ndukwe


Click on the link below

  • On the payment page, fill in your Names, email and the amount you are paying and click on Pay. (use as your email if you don’t have an email address)
  •  Then fill in the number that you are paying with
  • That’s It, you will see a message telling you that the transaction was successful.

Please Click Here to Make Payments Using Mobile Money or Card

After a Successful transaction, Kindly Forward a message containing “Your Name,  Email (Optional), Amount Paid  to  +2349022946292 or upon confirmation, we will send your login details to your email or WhatsApp within 24hrs. Thanks